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Enjoy some testimonials from people that have, and do enjoy our classes. We strive to exceed the expectations of our participants in every class. Enjoy some what others are saying about us.

What our clients are saying

We take pride in helping others reach their goals. This journey has introduced me to many amazing people that have been both goal driven and totally lost. Some were rehab, some were weight loss, some sports minded. I have to admit that as long as someone is working hard and being honest with the changes needed to advance towards better health, I am happy to be on the helping team.

Enjoy a few inspirational testimonials here:

I enjoy the challenge, but even more so the preparation for ski season, and trail running season. The fast neuromuscular response that I have built up prevents injuries while I enjoy running trails and skiing. As an active and healthy person, this makes much more sense to me than just doing countless reps like traditional exercise or competitive repetitions like many other class structures. I love what I'm getting out of it.~ Andrea

You can't even imagine what it's like until you try it. I couldn't do the deep knee bends in the warm ups when I first started. I'm 64 years old and thought I was fit. I began the Bungee Bootcamp classes and 23lbs later I feel great. As Paul says, "the effort that you put into your workout will give you back great rewards". It has for me! I look forward to Paul's encouragement and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle in every class. Put Bungee Bootcamp in our schools and we will be the fittest nation in the world-I have no doubt!

Thank You Paul.~ David Siefkas

I first worked with Paul at a private personal training facility. With a rather cornucopia of medical issues, he sat down with me, learned my history, and then plotted a safe and effective plan of action to help me out. as time progressed and the weight kept coming off, I was amazed at how intense I could actually train, and what a great feeling it was to actually be healthy. Paul's dedication to my 60lb weight loss and first 5K race was amazing. I even think he found as much joy in my accomplishments as I did. When I signed up for the Danskin Women's Tri-athlon, he taught me bike maintenance, running/cycling technique, and was at the race start at 5am to help me out, and cheer me, and celebrate my victory crossing the finish line with my family. He truly is in it for the health of others.~ Shelly Jung

Iv'e been coming for over a year now, and it's always something new. We work on speed, endurance, balance a lot, and laugh the whole time. I travel a lot, and even when I'm sleep deprived I still take class knowing that there are always ways to modify something, and a break will be coming soon. Paul runs an educationally fun class that has me burning up to 845 calories in 60 minutes. You have to take this class, especially the outdoor classes.~Susan