• Our C-Bungee fitness system transforms your exercise routine into a fun, safe, and focused routine.
  • Your effort will directly benefit your teammate during our workouts.
  • HIIT (High intensity interval training) classes include Tabata formats. 
  • C-Bungee cords work multiple planes of motion simultaneously.
  • Sport targeted and team workouts.
  • Backyard Bungee Bootcamp classes
Bungee Bootcamp

Stretch Your Limits with Bungee Bootcamp. Bungee Bootcamp is dedicated to you and all your different fitness needs. We've been helping people through fitness for over 15 years, and love helping people reach their health goals. 

Insanity is doing high quantities of the same thing day in and day out and expecting different results. Is your current routing not cutting it, or have you been injured in a "competitive cross fitness style class"? To many repetitions torching your back and shoulders?  

Our Bungee Bootcamp classes will have you working with and against the forces of other participants with our Patented C-Bungee cord training system. 

You will be practicing active motion, active recovery, full body stabilization, balance, endurance, speed and teamwork unlike anything that you have tried in the past. Our outdoor Denver CO Fitness classes are unlike anything that you have tried before. 


  • Weight loss
  • Body Awareness
  • Improved BMI
  • Joint Stabilization
  • Body Control
  • Increased speed
  • Increased agility
  • Increased Endurance
  • Faster acceleration/deceleration
  • Improved Balance

Class & Events

A Stronger Cord

Bungee Bootcamp has teamed up with A Stronger Cord. Come sweat, bond and grow with a community building workout that will help bring people and communities together To learn more check out their website for times and locations. .

Class Schedule:​ More to come soon.
If there is a location that you would like us to start a class, email us and we may start a class there.

Le Cours de L' Amour 5K/10K (The Course of Love)


Lucky Laces 5K/10K & Little Leprechaun Fun Run


Hoppin' Half


Sand Creek Half Marathon, 5K/10K




Fathers Day

Fathers Day 5/10K

Dog Days of Summer 5K/10K & 1 Mile Doggy Dash​



Come visit us at these races.

Run fast and you may win a free Month at Bungee Bootcamp this summer.

Stretch Your Limits, and come say hello.

Go to FeatOnTheStreet.com to sign up now!!

Paul@BungeeBootcamp.com | 720-432-2382 | 1793 S. Alcott St, Denver, CO 80219

Welcome to 2018

Changes are Coming


There are some great changes happening at Bungee Bootcamp, all for the better. Growth is good I always say, as long as it's muscle, health, life, family and business. 


We are planning on starting someone classes in the SW corner of Denver. When the times and locations are all set, you'll be the first to know. We sent out a survey in the beginning of the year, and based on the results we will be building from there. I'm excited to say that we have some very creative ideas for classes in mind, and everyone involved will have a blast. 

Business Growth:

We would appreciate your help here. We are planning on reaching out to schools so more kids can enjoy our C-Bungee® exercises and fun class structures. If you have a child in school or have any contacts to schools, please email me and introduce us. We do some local free in school classes so teachers can see the kids having fun, and learn of the possibilities that are available. 

New Fee Format:

    For years we have been helping people of all abilities. Well all abilities also means financial. If you are struggling financially, and still need to get your calorie burn in and your stress reduced, we have the solution. Pay what you can, when you can. Our drop in fee of $10/class may not fit your budget, so pay what you can fit into your budget. However this fee schedule comes with a few requirements- You must remove FAST FOOD, ALCOHOL, and TOBACCO  100% from your diet. These 3 cost money and if you're financially tight, these vices are expensive.



 If you are a veteran, come join us and pay what you can, share some stories, and let's team up and get others to join us. You have a strong network of friends, let's team up and get everyone healthy. 


Email us to get started today!!

About Paul (Bungeeman)

  • BS in Biology/Physical Education/Therapeutic Recreation
  • Founder Bungee Bootcamp and C-Bungee Cord
  • MBG Certified Natural Trainer- Level II
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer-16 years
  • Spartan SGX Certified Trainer
  • Eishens Yoga Alignment Practitioner
  • Certified Cancer Fitness Trainer
  • CPR/AED/First Aide certified


  • Boston Marathon 3 time finisher (3:38 PR)
  • North Fork 50 mile Mountain trail race finisher
  • ​Pikes Peak Marathon/Double finisher
  • Blazeman Warrior
  • Ultimate Green Mountain Adventure race 2nd place finisher
  • 10 time Utica Boilermaker finisher